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  • Gold 2,326.40 +17.19 -17.19
  • Silver 27.01 +0.27 -0.27
  • Platinum 1,214.57 +4.49 -4.49
  • Palladium 2,542.27 +91.58 -91.58

Silver Price Today Per Ounce - Live Silver Price

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Silver spot price - Spot Change
Current silver price - Silver price today
Silver Price Per Ouce
CAD 27.01
Silver Price Per Gram
CAD 0.87
Silver Price Per Kilogram
CAD 868.37

Live Silver Prices

Silver Throughout History

Like most precious metals, silver has a rich history, linked to many cultures and traditions around the world. Silver was originally discovered in Ancient Egypt and has been incredibly popular ever since. Throughout history, silver was used for many purposes, especially jewellery. Back then, silver was thought to be rarer than gold, making its price higher than gold. As silver became more popular in the market, it was clear that silver isn’t rarer than gold. Eventually, the Egyptians used silver as a form of currency for thousands of years while still being popular in jewellery, artwork, and much more. Get live silver prices from the chart and make your decision to buy or sell silver bullion. During the Roman empire, silver became popular all around the world. It was used as standard coinage giving it equal value across the trading world. This event turned precious metals into popular currency. Silver became remarkably important in the global investment market and still continues to be one of the top precious metals in the world. 

Silver as an Investment

Silver is one of the world's most popular precious metals to invest in, only second to gold. Silver coins and silver bars are great ways to invest in silver bullion. As an investment, silver is comparatively more affordable and has a reliable ROI. Precious metals have a unique relationship with the market. They are safe from inflation and crashes in the market, making them a safe and reliable asset. Throughout history, trends show that silver prices tend to rise as the market drops. 

The price of Silver today and Silver Price Charts

Like all assets and precious metals, the price of silver varies each day. Many factors cause silver’s spot price to change, such as real-world events, supply and demand, and more. You can stay up to date on silver prices by using our silver price charts. You can observe the fluctuations and changes in silver prices throughout the years while keeping up with silver’s spot price. They allow you to keep up with silver trends throughout the years, making it easier for you to make an accurate and effective investment decision. Silver price charts are accurate tools and are easy to use. Au Bullion Offers: Silver CoinsSilver BarsSilver Tubes, Silver Rounds, Silver Monster Boxes, Silver Collectibles, Silver Buyers Near Me


Silver Spot Price Chart


$2,326.40 CAD
+17.19 -0.94% -17.19 -0.94% May 13, 2022 3:26 Bid $2,323.19


$27.01 CAD
+0.27 1.28% -0.27 1.28% May 13, 2022 3:26 Bid $26.91


$1,214.57 CAD
+4.49 -0.49% -4.49 -0.49% May 13, 2022 3:26 Bid $1,204.31


$2,542.27 CAD
+91.58 4.93% -91.58 4.93% May 13, 2022 3:26 Bid $2,478.14
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