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Live Platinum Spot Prices

Au Bullion provides platinum investors live platinum price chart that shows the real-time spot price in the professional platinum bullion market. We Provide various platinum weights including ounces, grams, and kilos. We provide investors with up to 5 years of historical data, so they can see the platinum pricing trend from a wider perspective. We give the fastest platinum price updates on our website, which we process about every few seconds. You can buy platinum bullion at the prices shown using Au Bullion's real-time spot prices.

What is Platinum Bullion and Why is it a profitable investment?

Platinum Appears on the periodic table of elements with its symbol Pt and atomic number 78 just like gold, silver, and palladium. When we trace the history of platinum, its first reference comes in 1557. They described it as "unmeltable" and called it "Platina", meaning "little silver". Even before this, Egyptians and Americans would use a mix of gold and platinum for their jewelry and other decorative items. Industrial Value especially the automobile industry makes Platinum valuable. The use of platinum in commercial applications spans multiple industries. The use of platinum in the manufacturing of medical equipment as well as in anti-cancer drugs makes it great. Apart from these uses, platinum is also used as a raw material in various machine parts, tools, and jewelry. The use of platinum to some extent is very similar to silver, but they both face price fluctuation due to different reasons. Sometimes it is very important to consider all these factors to gain maximum from the investment. Geopolitical issues, demand-supply, and inflation are indeed the factors in determining the prices. However, the impact of platinum mining in South Africa, which is over 80% also a major factor in deciding the platinum prices. Moreover, ups and downs in the demand of the automobile industry also create variations in the platinum spot price.

How to invest in Platinum?

We at Au Bullion make your investment easy, quick, and hassle-free. Our website offers Platinum Coins and Bars in multiple sizes minted by recognized mints worldwide. Our sizes vary from 1 ounce to 1 gram, which caters to small and big investors as well. Whether it is the United States Mint or Royal Canadian Mint, Au Bullion offers Platinum Eagle Coins and Platinum Maple Coins respectively. These coins have been the standard platinum collector’s coin for over a decade. Moreover, these two platinum coins offer the purest platinum investment in the most portable option. Each year, the Royal Canadian Mint produces a limited number of platinum coins. However, despite this, sales of platinum bullion from the RCM have surged by over 50% annually. Given the metal's rarity and the limited supply of these coins, collectors might discover it remarkably effortless to collect a valuable collection of these coins.