Silver Coins

13–24 of 31 products

13–24 of 31 products

Buy Silver Coins as an investment 

Silver is one of the absolute best investments you can make. It is a stable asset like gold, however it is significantly cheaper to buy. This makes it readily accessible to anyone looking to invest in precious metals. Silver offers a great potential for high ROI as the price of silver is very undervalued at the moment in Canada. Many buy silver as means of hedging their wealth against inflation. It works similarly with Gold, which is why it is a very popular and common investment. It’s stability also offers investors a hedge against other failing investments. 

Why you should buy Silver Coins 

If you are looking to buy precious metals but don’t have the capital to buy Gold, Silver is an excellent option. Silver offers a potential for a higher ROI than Gold. Knowing this makes one want to take advantage of Silver’s low cost. At the moment, the spot price of silver is significantly lower than the spot price of Gold. Many economists believe that Silver will rally higher which is great news for Silver investors. Buying Silver coins is a great idea as many of them are considered legal tender in their respective countries. Silver coins are also highly sought after, and seen as staples in the bullion world. Some notable silver coins include the 1 Oz Silver Maple, 1 Oz American Silver Eagle, 1 Oz Silver Krugerrand, and more. Silver coins are small and easy to store, their use in the real world gives them even more value. 

Save when buying Silver Coins

When you buy Silver coins in bulk you can save on the premiums. We sell many of our silver coins in higher quantities, allowing you to buy in bulk directly from our site. You can buy the 1 Oz Silver Maple Tubes of 25, or even Silver Maple monster boxes of 500. For bulk orders you can also contact us directly for more information. We sell silver coins at a wholesale capacity so you can inquire about those rates as well. AU Bullion is your one stop shop for all things bullion in Canada. Shop from our wide selection of silver coins today!