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  • Gold 2,324.49 +17.17 -17.17
  • Silver 26.99 +0.27 -0.27
  • Platinum 1,213.58 +4.49 -4.49
  • Palladium 2,540.19 +91.51 -91.51

Gold Price Today Per Ounce - Live Gold Price

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Gold spot price - Spot Change
Current gold price - Gold price today
Gold Price Per Ouce
CAD 2,324.49
Gold Price Per Gram
CAD 74.73
Gold Price Per Kilogram
CAD 74,732.35

Live Gold Prices

Gold Throughout History

Throughout humanity’s history, our ancestors have treasured gold greatly. Gold was incredibly popular in nearly every ancient civilization around the globe. The precious metal was used in countless different ways, such as jewellery, clothing, artwork, and much more. The precious metal itself has become an icon and symbol of wealth, prosperity, and treasure. 

Gold as an Investment

Gold is just as popular today and continues to be iconic all around the world. The precious metal is also known as the world's most popular precious metal to invest in. In today’s day and age, the value of investments fluctuates all too much. Therefore, gold bullion is one of the healthiest and safest investments when it comes to market crashes and fluctuations. Gold’s wealth preservation qualities are one of its most popular qualities. As an investment, gold is one of the safest and most reliable assets out there. Precious metals have a unique relationship with the trends in the stock markets. As the dollar depreciates in value, precious metals such as gold appreciate in value as well. Essentially, precious metals such as gold are safe from inflations or crashes in the market. Throughout history, gold bullion has performed exceptionally through market crashes and inflation. In fact, gold prices actually rise after major crashes in the market.

The Price of Gold Today and Gold Price Charts

 Just like any asset, the price of gold changes daily. Luckily, these gold price changes are easy to follow with live gold price charts. Our live gold price charts allow you to follow the fluctuations in gold’s value throughout the years and trends in gold prices. Our charts allow you to stay up to date with changes in gold prices and are easy to use. Many factors cause fluctuations in gold’s value which determines its spot price. Some of which are real-world events, supply and demand, and much more. Although many assets and investments are unpredictable and uncertain, physical gold is a stable and safe asset to invest in.  


Gold Spot Price Chart


$2,324.49 CAD
+17.17 -0.94% -17.17 -0.94% May 13, 2022 3:26 Bid $2,321.29


$26.99 CAD
+0.27 1.28% -0.27 1.28% May 13, 2022 3:26 Bid $26.89


$1,213.58 CAD
+4.49 -0.49% -4.49 -0.49% May 13, 2022 3:26 Bid $1,203.32


$2,540.19 CAD
+91.51 4.92% -91.51 4.92% May 13, 2022 3:26 Bid $2,476.11
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